Becky started working on computers in 1981. Friends and family said, "Help me!"; so Becky put her BS in Education to work. By 1986 she was teaching everyone in sight from pre-school to senior citizens. When customers called with hardware problems she learned to fix computers and started a whole new area of computer repair.

Digital cameras and scanners were added to the knowledge base as well as setting up DSL and cable modem internet connections. Home networking, file sharing and printer sharing knowledge was gained as many customers added multiple computers to their homes.

Enter the Internet Age. Web Site Design allowed Becky to express her artistic side and it is fun to help small businesses advertise on the World Wide Web.

Computer Tutor

We help you buy a computer, teach you how to use it and fix it when it breaks!

Telephone: 610-388-6232 Email: comtutor@ken-net.com